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(0% Interest education loan)

Welcome to International Institute of Clinical Research & Studies (IICRS), where education is affordable and accessible. We offer interest-free education loans at 0% interest through financing institutions, easing the burden of upfront payments. Students can upskill without financial strain, paying back the loan over time in 9 easy monthly installments (EMIs). Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve academic and professional goals without sacrificing financial stability. With flexible payment options, we provide support and resources for success in careers and beyond. Join us at IICRS to unlock possibilities without the pain of paying upfront. Your journey to a brighter future begins here.


Loan Category

For Salaried

  1. KYC (Pan Card, Aadhar Card, etc)
  2. Income Proof (Salary Slip, Form-16, etc)
  3. Bank Statement (6 Months)
  4. Processing Fee (3% to 6%)

For Business Owner

  1. KYC (Pan Card, Aadhar Card, etc)
  2. Income Proof (GST Return, Balance Sheet, ITR Return, etc)
  3. Bank Statement (6 Months)
  4. Processing Fee (3% to 6%)

*Note: Document requirements, processing fees, and other conditions vary among banks and are subject to applicant profiles. IICRS facilitates loan processing but does not guarantee approval. Loan approval rests solely with the bank or financial institution (FI), and IICRS bears no responsibility for this decision.

Application Process

Loan Application Process:

  1. Registration: Students must register for a program by paying the stipulated registration fee.
  2. The International Institute of Clinical Research & Studies (IICRS) will facilitate the loan process by coordinating communication between the bank/FI official and the applicant.
  3. The applicant must furnish all requisite documents to the Bank/FI.
  4. The Bank/FI will evaluate the applicant's profile and process the loan application accordingly.
  5. The loan will be approved if the applicant's profile aligns with the loan requirements of the Bank/FI.
  6. Upon loan approval, the applicant will be required to remit the processing fee.
  7. Upon payment of the processing fee, the loan amount will be transferred to the International Institute of Clinical Research & Studies' account.
  8. The applicant will be notified of the confirmation of fee submission and admission status.

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